Saturday, November 4, 2017

Playing in Peoria

2018 MHS Senior - Maggie
This was such a unique shoot.  We started in the hallways of the Marriott Hotel downtown Peoria. Not realizing it was homecoming weekend for a local school we ended up sharing space with 30 other kids.  Regardless, we found some great areas to shoot and was able to avoid the crowds.  

Then it was off to Bradley Park for some nature shots.  I LOVE shooting here!  The old stone staircase has always been a favorite spot for me, and shooting at the upper park for the sunset images worked out perfectly!   

Then it was back downtown for some night time city images per Maggie and Mom's request.  Of course I was game as I have NEVER shot downtown Peoria at night.  Totally fun experience, but you definitely need to watch your back and gear as I had a someone following us that was really interested in my camera.  Needless to say, besides that little hiccup it went smooth as silk.  One thing I wish I would have had was a simple flashlight.  Getting my camera to focus in such a dark atmosphere was difficult, but with a flashlight, I could have used it to spot my subject, which would have allowed my camera to focus easier.  That is one of the drawbacks of using an off camera flash.  No light source until fired.  Live and learn!    

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